Scary Warsaw Trip!

Are you ready to get to know the most misterious and bloody stories from the history of our city? Are you brave enough to discover unknown stories and facts from the past?


If your answer is ?yes? get on our Nysa 522 retro vans – well-known among every criminal who had to deal with militia – and start scary Warsaw ride.


Our guide will reveal the alternative history of Warsaw, after which you won?t fall asleep!


Sightseeing plan:

-Różycki Market and Praga – the most dangerous district of Warsaw

-Jerzy Paramonow – hipster criminalist

-Świętokrzyski Cementary – wandering corpses and red light district

-satanist murder of polish soldier

-stranger lady from Seine river

-?they died happily ever after? – wedding with corpses

-local ghosts of the Old Town

-Gross story of garbage hill and syphylis


The trip is organized as a part of Participatory Budget 2019 and Bemowskie Spotkania Kryminalistyczne.

The number of participants is limited. Enrollment required on The participation is free. The event is addressed to non-Polish speakers.



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